Joni Gall

Chief Compliance Officer

Joni is one of the friendly voices you may hear at the other end of the line, while her main role is overseeing the compliance program at Fortitude Financial. Since joining the firm as the front office administrator in May 2019, Joni has seamlessly expanded her role in the firm, continually helping to ensure the smooth operation of the office and fiduciary success of the firm overall.

Joni brings a wealth of experience in customer service and trust administration, coupled with honors degrees in Economics and Political Science. Her dedication to continual improvement is evident as she further develops her knowledge in the wealth management industry. 

Beyond the office, Joni finds joy in family time with her husband and two children, along with their dog and two cats. Her diverse interests include enjoying music, watching sports, playing games, cooking, baking, gardening, and embarking on road trips. 


“I love that I work somewhere with people who are like another close family, including the clients – It makes me look forward to coming into the office every day. I really love what I do.”