Joni Gall | CCO & Office Administrator | Fortitude Financial

Joni Gall

Chief Compliance Officer

Joni is not only one of the friendly voices you will hear on the phone, but more importantly, a big part of her job is to monitor our compliance regulations and ensure our firm stays on top of our fiduciary standards and requirements. Among her many responsibilities as our CCO, she is also responsible for many other important tasks behind the scenes to help keep the office running smoothly. She has become an integral part of our team and we are happy to work alongside her.

With a background in customer service, trust administration, and her degrees in Economics and Political Science, Joni joined our team in May 2019 and is continuously expanding her knowledge of the wealth management industry. She is also constant in her continued improvement and growth in her essential role in advisory compliance. Since becoming our CCO, she has successfully received the certification of a Compliance Professional in November 2021.

Away from the office, Joni enjoys spending time with her family, husband James, son Connor and daughter Danica, along with her close friends and goofy but loveable pets. Her favorite hobbies include playing her guitar, listening to music, watching sports, playing games, cooking, and baking, gardening and road trips.

“I love that I work somewhere with people who are like another close family, including the clients – It makes me look forward to coming into the office every day. I really love what I do.”