Julia Broderson

Advisor Assistant

Julia Broderson is an accomplished Advisor Assistant with a strong academic foundation. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and a Masters in Business Administration from Whitworth University in 2017. This educational background serves as the bedrock of her expertise in the financial advisory field.

Julia's professional journey is marked by dedication and a commitment to growth. She currently works as an Advisor Assistant and is in the process of training with experienced advisors. 

Beyond her financial acumen, Julia finds balance in her life when it comes to both family and fun. She enjoys spending quality time with her two grown daughters, while also being an active adventurer who enjoys activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, and jet skiing. Her zest for life extends beyond finance, encompassing a love for travel, music, and the thrill of playing pool.

Julia's dedication to her professional role, coupled with her adventurous spirit and diverse interests, makes her a multifaceted individual who not only excels in the world of finance but also cherishes the joys of life beyond it.