Noelle Y. Seipp

Chief Operations Officer

In over 14 years with the firm, Noelle has been the driving force behind its success. Joining as an Administrative Assistant in 2010, she rapidly expanded her role, becoming a skilled LPL Registered Administrative Assistant by 2013. Noelle's journey mirrors the firm's growth, with her expertise now extending to office operations and practice management.

Integral to the organization, Noelle oversees internal operations, ensuring seamless functionality. She guides the front office staff in marketing, event planning, compliance, and enhancing client experiences. Noelle's remarkable growth and dedication make her an indispensable part of the firm's fabric.

Away from the office, Noelle enjoys time at home with her husband and three children, exploring the scenic surroundings of the Pend Oreille River. Their outdoor pursuits, from hiking to discovering local parks and trails, mirror Noelle's vibrant approach to both work and life.